I couldn’t say it better myself.  You can read all about it here.  According to the article, our global temperature conditions are the same as it was in 1980 right now.  Al Gore really hopes the truth isn’t known because it’s inconvenient for us to know the real truth.  I keep watching for him to pop up on tv and claim thank god we acted quickly the earth has healed itself.  The true mark of a con gone wrong.

If your considering emailing me or coming on to call me a flat earther, don’t waste your time.  This has been a scam from the very start.  Al Gore should give the Nobel Peace prize back since his life’s work has been a scam from the start.  Obama should apologize for his support of this faulty science that has come up with the scam of Global Warming.  Maybe the brainwashed sheep that fall for Global Warming would like some prime real estate in the everglades too.

These scientists point out that ice floats on the artic ocean and it will not raise the sea level when it melts.  Instead the sea levels stay the same if that ice melts.  So much for the polar bears drowning when the artice ice has frozen solid.

I think the funniest part of this saga has been when the ship hit an iceberg last year and had to be evacuated.  It was discovered that they were taking a tour to see how bad global warming was there.  Guess they got to see first hand not to believe the mindless people claiming global warming was real.

The AP refuses to print an apology for this errors because they said they were writing story  from Obama’s point of view.  Well then, I don’t really want to know these things from Obama’s point of view if he’s going to have his head up his butt talking about them.  What Obama believes is irrevelent when compared to scientific fact.  Maybe the AP should know that before they start doing any more reporting from Obama’s point of view?