I’d like to talk about celerities and charity.  This is something that I’ve noticed through the years and it strikes me as odd.  Liberal celebrities that do anything for charity have their pictures on the front page of the newspapers while conservative celebrities don’t publicize their acts of kindness.  Everytime Sting does something for charity the entire media is invited to cover the story.  I’ve never ever heard of a liberal celebrity that did anything for anybody that was done under the table and wasn’t publicized.

To prove my point even further, how many of you knew that Comedian David Spade came to the rescue of the Phoenix police department.  If you remember the story, the officers were asking for permission to buy their own automatic assault rifles so they can compete with the bad guys.  This was not a publicity stunt.  David Spade showed up at the police department with absolutely no media involved and donated $100,000 to the police department.  Sure the media found out about it at the last minute after David had given them the money and left.

There was a study done among political parties in the US and chartities and they discovered that Conservatives did far more for charities than our liberal counterparts.

I’m sure part of the equation has to do with liberal celebrities want to make a bigger deal out of their contributions than someone like David Spade.  David’s motivation was purely to help the Phoenix police department.  Not to have conservatives or the media to admire him for it.

I remember back a few years at the feud between Sting and Ozzie Osbourne over Sting’s comments and the allegations that followed that standoff by Sharon Osbourne.  Sing did an internew because he was one of the first US/Britian Rock artists to go to Russia and give them a performance.  During the interview, Sting directed a dart at Ozzy by saying it’s good that he went over there first instead of Ozzy.  In a way, he was dissing Ozzy.  Sharon’s comments were that he was working towards knighthood and she basically accused him of being a brown noser.

This always leads me to wonder about the liberal celebrities motivation.  Did they do the act to help or did they just do it so that the media would swoon over them.  At times I think the latter is probably their motivation primarily and the first one is their secondary motivation.  Let’s just face the facts, liberal celebrities are media whores who thrive on adulation from the media.