Well just looking at the headline there’s humor in there but being fair to San Francisco, there are straight guys there too.  They may be outnumbered but they are there.

This woman was attacked by 4 men and gang raped.  I think the 4 men were disgusting human beings.  It’s wrong for 4 men to force themselves on a female lesbian because she doesn’t like men.  Those 4 men would have done better to find some female that actually would enjoy the odds much better than a lesbian.

While I’m straight, I do not condone any violence towards someone based on their sexual orientation.  The only circumstances I’d condone violence towards homsexuals or lesbians is if you had repeatedly told them you weren’t interested all night.  If after 3 times, you’ve had to tell them that you didn’t swing off that side of the plate 3 times then by all means take the swing.

I go through great pains to get along with gays and lesbians.  I’ve had one instance where I told a gay guy that I don’t swing off that side of the plate and he turned around and assaulted me.  I turned around and put a choke hold on him and explained that if he did it again, I was going to choke his ass out then let him go without actually choking him out.  Guess what?  That must have been very effective because I never had to have that conversation with him again.

Oh wait, I’m a Republican and I’m not a homophoeb.  Dang those stereotypes.  Honestly, I strive to get along with everyone regardless of their sexual orientation.  Life’s too short to go on a campaign of hate.  I do not under any circumstances condone gang raping a lesbian.  However, if a group of gay bodybuilders decided to find these guys, I’d probably be willing to say justice served.  Don’t get me wrong, 2 wrongs do not make it right but considering the 2nd wrong was on the same level as the 1st wrong, I’d be tempted to say they cancelled each other out.