I heard an interview with Chris Tundrosse from Recovering Evangelical website.  In the interview, he stated he’d voted Republican almost every year except this year.  He said that he voted for Obama because the younger generation evangelicals are interested in feeding the world’s poverished people.  There are many flaws in what he’s said.

As I’ve already said, liberals are pretty damn giving when it comes to taxpayers money.  They won’t personally give their own personal funds towards a cause.  Take Joe Biden, he donated very little to charity.   Then take a look at David Spade, who just donated $100,000 to the Phoenix police department.  There were no reporters there during the presentation.

Now Obama has said he wants to raise taxes to pay for his plans for the war on poverty.  Now you have to follow me on this.  Obama, if he’s smart will NOT RAISE TAXES during a recession.  When he finally does raise taxes, how much money do you think charities will receive?  Before you answer that question, you have to conceed that the wealthy in this country aren’t as wealthy as they used to be.  We’ve had a housing problem where lot’s of the wealthy lost money in the housing market.  We also had a gas crisis that cost everyone money with inflated prices for gas.  We had a pyramid scheme (Madoff) that has targeted our wealthy citizens.  We had a savings and loan crisis where even the wealthy were denied credit because of bad loans and bad credit.  Now with all those problems, now the recovering evangelicals think that Obama is going to give all this money to impoverished nations.

The single problem in all of this is that no matter how much money we give these impoverished nations, it’s never enough.  The nations we’re giving this money too will find ways to pull cash out of the fund and put it into their pockets.  99.9% of improverished nations have a huge government corruption problem.  If we bypass the governments of these nations and give it through a ministry then their own government will stop some of the programs that were used to help the poor.  Either way you go, this will not help stop the corruption nor will it help the poor.

I’ve been to one of the worlds most impoverished nations, the Philippines.  It was standard operating procedures to carry 100 pesos ($5) behind your drivers liscense in case you were pulled over.  The cops were always taking bribes.  You could buy your way out of any pridicament you found yourself in.  While being dragged around on Saturdays, I always kept some extra money to give to families I saw living in a cardboard box begging for money just to eat that day.  For 100 pesos they could eat for a day on.

Trust me when I say we’ve been fighting the war on poverty 500 times longer than we’ve been fighting the war on terror.  I’m kind of impressed we haven’t given up on the war on poverty like we have the war on terror.

So after Obama has spent all of this money on fighting poverty and basic services aren’t being provided by the government, we’ll see a larger tax hike the next year while charity coffers run bone dry because nobody can afford to be nice.  There is going to come a time when we, as a nation, say we can’t fix the world’s problems and be happy at what we’ve done so far.

I mean I think it’s a nice jesture but I don’t think that using tax money is the answer.  The answer is in the impoverished nation stopping their corrupt activities and start taking responsibility for it’s citizens.  The answer is to stop government corruption in all of the improverished countries and make the government work for everyone.  Not giving tax dollars to these foreign government ingrates who want to use this money for personal gain.

I totally disagree with recovering evangelicals who say we should give these countries more money.  It has not worked thus far and probably never will.  These countries that we’re helping are not part of the solution, they are part of the problem.  It’s a shame that there are people starving but there is only so much you can do to help.  Either way you go as far as dispensing said money it will never be enough to fix the problem without the help of a third party and even then, the government can turn around and quit spending money to help their own poor.    Then you have a situation where nothing will be gained.

It’s purely a liberal thought that the government is ever the solution.  It’s never the solution and it will never work out to be a solution to any problem that the world faces.  The only solution any government ever has to this problem is to create jobs, stop the corruption, and start importing products that people around the world need so that it creates more jobs and increases government revenue.