Harry Reid is at it again.  Evidently, the last time Rush Limbaugh left him holding the bag didn’t phase him quite enough.  I had a good laugh at the way Rush made a jackass out of Harry Reid.  Harry Reid sent him a smear letter over the phoney soldiers comment calling him UnAmerican.  Rush merely put the letter on E-Bay and donated the proceeds to the Marine Corp fun to send dependents of fallen heros to college.  Harry attempted to limit his damage by complimenting Rush on his deed so the left got the feeling he was in on it the whole time.

Now he’s at it again.  This time he’s attempting to silence Rush by funneling his leftists hate email to him.  Rush responded to him by sending the DNC hate email back.  It’s kind of hillarious if you ask me.  Tit for tat.

I’ve said all along that the left doesn’t truly believe in free speech as they espouse all of the time.  In fact, if your opnion differs from theirs, they want to shut you up.  According to the lefties on Drudge, it’s ok for the Westboro baptist church to protest soldier funnerals but it’s not ok for republicans to have a voice in government.  Go figure!

The left in this country has always taken half a story, blow it up, exaggerate it, then attempt to vilify someone over their dishonest attempt to slander someone.  It’s a classic case of the liberal hate machine.  This isn’t their only dishonest tactic.  They willingly said untrue things about Governor Palin’s kids but feel that Obama’s kid’s should be off limits.