I had to laugh when I saw the headlines.  Obama attempted to lie to the public and say there was no pork spending in the stimulus package.  This was an apparant lie.  Here’s just some of the pork Obama attempted to decieve the public to pass into law.

$150 Million to Honey Bee Insurance Company

$ 650 Million to help buy government employees a new car

$400 Million to Man-made Global Warming Research or as I call it the Man-Made Global Warming Scam.  They can’t even get their damn story straight.  First it was global cooling then it was global warming then back to global cooling again.

It’s dishonest to say that these expenses would help the economy.  Anyone that attempts to tell you is full of crap.  These expenses wouldn’t even create jobs for the poor.  Sure it would generate jobs for college graduates but does absolutely nothing for the people who are hurting in our current economy.   So in essence, it’s $12 Billion Dollars worth of government waste.  Now I’m not sure that the insurance company money wouldn’t help some average everday working class people.  However, I can’t see where that would stimulate the conomy much.  It may temporarily keep some employed until they had more problems and then we’d be trying to give them even more money.  That’s not a government function no matter how desperate they are.

Rahm Emanual said it best that they intended on raming stuff down the American taxpayers throats because we’re in a crisis.  We can’t let that opportunity slip by us.  Then of course there was Obama there asking for bi-partisanship.  He got his wish because there are Democrats that won’t even put their names on the bill.  Both Senate Republicans and Senate Democrats are going to amend the bill as written because they say there is too much spending in the bill and the spending isn’t aimed at fixing our economic woes.  Honestly, does this surprise you Obamaholics?  I’ve said he isn’t intelligent enough to see economic problems yet you still elected him even after it was disclosed that he lives in denial.  He couldn’t tell Frannie and Freddie was in trouble 3 years prior to their economic meltdown.  So please tell me how he’s going to get us out of the depression?  By bilking us over Billions of dollars in tax money overal a ficticious theory  called Man-made Global Warming?

I can already see 4 years of this bullshit which was thrusted on us by the brain dead ideaolgues that felt their legs tingle when talking about hope and change.  You can hope for change but I doubt you’ll get it.  The only thing you’ll get is a blank check to chase after all conspiracy theories and liberal causes in existence and while they are at it, I wouldn’t be surprised if they make some more up to go along with what they already have on the table.