You just can’t make this stuff up.  Al Gore attempted to go to Washington to discuss Man-Made Global Warming and got cancelled due to severe winter weather.  It does say something about Al Gore though.  He’s too stupid to kn0w when the con is up.  Let’s face some hard cold facts.  If Greenhouse gases creates warming then someone needs to explain to me why we have record cooling?  This was a scam from the start. 

There are some basic truths here that science refuses to acknowledge.

1.  We don’t fully understand all of the components that make up our weather nor do we understand how each component influences the weather.

2.  The earth rotates and the earth wobbles.  It takes 12,000 years per wobble.  To What extent does the wobble effect weather patterns.  Scientists don’t really know the answer to that.

3.  Scientists wanted more money for research so they got together and created the man-made global warming scam.  It’s a textbook con that says hey we have a crisis and we need more money to fully investigate it.  Obviously, there are idiots in the white house that will attempt to write him a blank check and incorporate it into the stimulus package as something that’s going to help the economy.  They wanted $400 Million of our tax dollars to go to global warming research.

4.  Scientist have used junk science to manufacture the global warming crisis.  All while they can’t really say what all of the data they have means as far as shaping our future weather.  I mean as far as I can see they haven’t really discovered what effect greenhouse gases have on the weather.  They’ve assumed it was warming but we still have the same amount of greenhouse gases in the air that we had 2 years ago when they said we were experiencing global warming yet it’s cooling.  Go figure.

5.  To add to the con, we have a NASA scientist saying we have 4 years to fix the problem.  Oh wait, Obama is president for the next 4 years.  I guess that’s not a coincidence.  He continues to say “No need to debate we’re in trouble.”  The last I heard, this year has restored ice levels to what they were 100 years ago yet they say we still have a problem.  I’m still waiting for the dumbass Al Gore to come out and start yelling “Thank God we fixed it, it’s safe now!”

6.  The truth is we warmed less than 1 degree.  I don’t believe humans had one damn thing to do with it. 

Honestly, in celebration of man-made global warming and the price of gas dropping to reasonable levels, I think we should all refuel our SUVs and go joy riding.  It’ll be great fun.  Invite your neighbor to go with you, you wouldn’t want him to miss out.  Additionally since gas prices have dropped, we’re paying less fuel taxes so go and enjoy a good joy ride this weekend.