I thought the storyline was very good.  Mickey Rourke did a excellent job playing a professional Wrestler in the movie as far as lingo.  I’m guessing the stuntman came in for the hardcore match when they were stapling each other with a staple gun.  I mean what are stunt men for if not for that kind of duty.

The storyline was compelling and very well done.  Professional Wrestlers are on the road doing shows for 40-50 weeks out of the year depending on weather or not the promoter thinks their worth anything to them.  Family lives always go south when you apart from your family for that long of a period.  The story line shows that his profession wasn’t so good for his family life.  His daughter outright hates him.   He has a heart attack after a hardcore match.  He was told his career was over because he had to have bypass surgery.  He attempts to establish a relationship with his daughter while he’s recovering from bypass surgery.

I believe there has to be a second part to this movie coming.  Several things tell me maybe there will be a part II.  1.  The trailers say he was living with a stripper but clearly all through the first movie he was attempting to get with the stripper but they never lived together.  2.  The ending was stopped as he was attempting to finish his first match after the surgery.  He made it to the top turn buckle and then the movie ended.  We were left with too many questions.  Did he have another heart attack?  Did he finish the match?  Did he leave in an ambulence?  Did he make a full return to the ring?  Did he mend his fences with his daughter?  Did he hook up with the stripper and start a relationship?  There’s just too many question left unanswered for this movie to be at the end.