Every Liberal loser I know is crowing about this stimulus package.  They love to demonize everyone that says the stimulus bill isn’t exactly what the losers think it is.  The move-on losers have attempted to place a dishonest ad about MY Senator.  The only thing that accomplished was to tell me that I am supporting the RIGHT person for the job.  The stimulus packages is only going to help short term.  This bill DOES NOT help long term.  I literally don’t give a damn about how much you give people if they feel their job is going to go away, they are going to save it for a rainy day.

Long term fixes do not include bilking policies like Obama ran on.  To tax businesses and industries more only HURTS the economy.  The working class sits on pins and needles and refuses to spend because they fear they will be laid off.

The biggest sham is that Obama is too stupid to understand that when Wall Street is doing well so is main street.  Until he learns this horrible lesson, we’ll continue on the same path until something blows up in, we the people’s face.

Is the stimulus package going to create a few jobs?  Yes it will….short-term.  It will create construction jobs.  So if your an office worker, chances are pretty damn good that it won’t do much to fix your problems.  I am not fooled easily by smoke an mirrors.  That’s all the Dems are offering right now in this stimulus bill.  They want you, the taxpayers, to believe this bill will do more than it is actually intended to do.  All this bill is good for is to pay off the special interest groups that supported Obama in the election.  It was never intended to fix the economy.  I don’t care how much Obama went on tv and said it would.  Obama also said nobody on his staff was talking to Blagojevich about his vacant senate seat, but they were.

Honestly, I thought Obama said he wasn’t going to keep trying old tired failed policies.  Well isn’t that the strategy that Bush attempted?  He attempted to stimulate the economy and was excoriated for it by the left but now they are cheering Obama?  What the hell gives?  Oh I get it, it’s all partisan politics that the left attempt to excoriate the Republicans with being all about.  When they do it, I guess it isn’t quite as bad as when the Republicans do it.  Just more liberal hypocracy.

Also in the stimulus bill is a provision to protect a damn rat?  Now ladies and gentlemen, I could care less about the rat.  Expecially when we’re spending 30 million dollars to protect it.  If it were in my backyard, it’s chance for survival is neal to none.

There are so much dumb shit in this bill, the best I could do with the bill is throw a bunch of toilet paper on it. and flush it.  Now the measure in which they are attempting to shove this down our throats in a completely dishonest way.  They refuse to let Republicans view the bill in it’s entirety.  So they want Republicans to vote for the bill without knowing what’s in the bill.  How dishonest is that?  Obama said there are no pork projects in the bill which we know is a lie.  So everything that Obama has told us so far has been a lie.  How in the hell can you bring people together when your caught in lie after lie?  That is not how you get people to support you.

Not only did I not vote for Obama, I have no faith in him.  I wouldn’t vote him to be president if I were on a deserted island with him and it was just the 2 of us there.  In fact, I’d probably sleep with one eye open.