Stalin would be ecstatic over Rep Henry Waxman’s proposal to get rid of Conservative Talk Radio and bully the internet to comply with the provisions in the Fairness Doctorine.  Anyone with brains knows the Fairness Doctorine will hinder 1st Amendment rights.  If you don’t understand, controlling the media is one of the tenents of the Communist Manifesto written by Stalin.  The manifesto even addresses media that refuses to comply with the government.  If they can’t control the media, they will personalize it (Pick a name of one of the talk radio host they disagree with), Marginalize them (Obama taking aim at Limbaugh and Hanity), and crush them to make an example out of them.

I find humor in the fact these same idiots that say talk radio is unbalanced also say Westboro Baptist Church has more rights to free speech than conservative talk radio or Bloggers but I digress.

On a side note, I have a personal message for that idiot Henry Waxman.  I served 20 years in the military and I’ll be damn if you can tell me that I have to post liberal ideology too.  If it comes to it, I have a paid personal blog/podcast site and the only way you can enforce what I can talk about is if you buy my hosting site.  Until then realize there is only 2 things you can do about me or my site.  1.  Nothing 2.  Learn to like it!  Even if you did buy my hosting company, I reserve the right to ask for a full refund and find a hosting agency that you don’t own.  In other words, what part of “Kiss my ass” didn’t you understand?

I support liberal talk radio’s right to exist but I think it’s Stalinistic to attempt to control what is being said.  It’s an attack on Free Speech and it should piss you off to no end.  I hope someone takes Mr. Waxman to the shed by challenging the constutionality of such a bill.  I say it violates the 1st amendment and I believe even the supreme court will acknowledge it.  Yeah I know the lefties will be in force on this one telling me that the public has the right to clean up the airwaves because they belong to the people.  Obviously, you’ve had too much koolaid and you need to remove that koolaide mustache, it gives you away.  In other words, public means everyone including those of us who don’t have a problem with conservative talk radio nor do we have a problem with the truth.  Besides, this bill would give liberals 6 hours of their day back since most of them listen to Rush and Hannity.  I wouldn’t want them denied that right.