I would think during these troubling terrorists filled times that we would set out to make some examples out of terrorist scumbags.  I guess I’m wrong but that’s not where my problem with the whole thing lies.  Did anyone hear that Obama dropped the charges for the yemen guy who blew up the Cole then decided to meet with the relatives AFTER he’d done that?

This guy is a freaking moron of morons.  First off, the guy is guilty as hell!  Secondly, we’re attempting to discourage the world’s idiots from joining these dirtbags.  What kind of signal are we sending by giving this diaper head a get out of jail free card?  How classy is meeting with the parents of those killed the day AFTER he’s already done that?  That showed absolutely no class at all.  Personally, I’ve got integrity and if I’d done something so freaking stupid, I’d at least have the balls to talk to the parents before the decision was made.  I’m not impressed with Barrak Huisane Obama on this issue.  He’s proving to me he’s inept at best to be Commander-In-Chief.

So tell me again how this moron’s moron is going to keep the US safe in these troubled times?  Ohh he’s not, that’s real reassuring.  Oh and tell me how the media isn’t biased again?  They not only didn’t report this but they kept it on the hush hush and didn’t even publish it on their websites.

This is the sign of the times.  The left are willing to excuse anything and everything because it was Bush’s fault.  Just to show how stupid this is, the bombing of the US Cole took place back when slick willie was president.   Oh sorry to bust that bubble most of the left are living in but Bush had nothing to do with this man’s incarseration.  If Obama had been president during our problems with Khadafy, I’m sure when Khadafy said don’t pass this line Obama would have I won’t.  I think he checked his testicles in to his wife.  She has the balls in the family.

I believe this is a disgrace and a slap in the face of every veteran in our country.  I’ll admit, I’m pissed because I just got slapped in the face and in person most people would pay dearly for slapping me in the face.