Well it appears there is some funny stuff in the news as it relates to the Global Warming Scam.  Remember how Al Gore attempted to convince you that all that ice in the Arctic had melted.  Guess What?  They found all that ice.  All 193,000 square miles of ice the sensors told them didn’t exist.    Apparantly their sensors malfunctioned.  If you put all of the stuff I’ve said here, the global warming scam is unraveling  little by little.

This would explain why last summer that ship hit the iceberg while on a Global Warming tour.  You have to appreciate the irony of that whole story.  All those people went up there to see a bunch of ice melting and then they hit a iceberg.

I’m just curious to see if Al Gore owns up to this blunder and apologizes.  Chances are pretty damn good Al Gore won’t apologize and neither will the NASA scientists that have painted a picture of doom and gloom for the world.  I’m willing to bet even Al Gore won’t even acknowledge the Blunder and go full fledged towards steeling more tax money.  I don’t even think I’ll get an apology from the Global Warming Mafia who came into my blog and acted likes asses when I questioned the science.  No, none of these incompetent ninnies will be back here to apologize.  Why?  They are still attempting to continue scamming us into giving those assholes millions upon millions of dollars to investigate a myth.

Al Gore’s first clue should have come when his appearance before congress was nixed because of a winter storm.  Obviously not even Al get’s it.  Also note the lack of media attention to this matter.  Nobody is admitting this mistake ever happened except of course Sean Hannity on foxnews.com