Yes I know, I’ve heard all of the Obamamaniac’s opinion on the Rich and their successful businesses but here’s something to think about.  Now I really would be surprised if this happened on a large scale but it could.

YOUR Messiah wants to make the rich and their businesses pay more money so Obama can share it.  So let’s take an honest look at this scenario.  The rich could probably close down their businesses and still be rich.  So what would happen if the rich get fed up and say screw this!  BOOM!  They all shut down their businesses.  Now what?

Now let’s go in depth on this.  Grocery stores closed, IT services shut down, TV networks shut down, local TV stations close, Radio Stations close, Retail stores close, Conveinence stores close, gas stations close, Resturants close, mortgage companies stop giving out mortgages until all the ones currently being paid are paid off, etc.  What have we gained?  You have to think a inch beneath the ces’ poole’.  These companies lay off workers and unemployment drops into double digits.

All you Obamaniacs hate businesses and the rich.  You think they should pay more taxes than they already do.  Some of the wealthy are paying 40% in taxes already.  So YOUR Messiah raised their tax burden to 42%.  That’s a higher pertentage than any of us working stiffs.  I’m sure there’s one of you idiots out there that would say “But Lonnie, they are getting all of these tax cuts.”  Your right, they got tax cuts for hiring more people so instead of being greatful you had a fucking job, your boring me with somehow that job was not worth the $30,000 you got paid because they got a 10,000 tax cut or whatever the tax cut was.  Is anyone seeing how stupid the argument is?

Obama’s policies are going to be the wedge that drives our standard of living into the toilet.  Bill Clinton was a smart Democrat.  At least he realized that it was dangerous to pursue Obama’s policies.  He did the exact same thing Bush did because he understood you can get more money back in taxes if businesses were doing well, people were doing well, and government was also doing well.

What’s the next Obama policy going to be?  Are we to just give him our whole fucking paycheck and he gives up vouchers for food and he pays our utility bills and morgage payments?  I believe it will take 2 terms to unscrew everything that Obama screwed up.    I will laugh when history deems Obama is the US’s worst president ever.  I’ll laugh even harder when they find that he surpassed George W. as the worst president.