It should come as no surprise, I’m not well liked on the Drudge Report.  This subject is absolutely no difference.  The lefties were all orgasmic over the ban being lifted until I entered the conversation.  First off it was repealed but what took it’s place?  Well photos of the coffin can be made now IF THE FAMILY ALLOWS YOU!  IF is a very key word!

The Air Force is comprised of different groupings.  We have Squadrons which is the very basic group.  Each Duty section within the squadron has appointed a representative to help the families in that section if someone passes away on active duty.  If someone passes away 100% of your work hours are helping the family get everything done that needs to be done.  One of those things will be to help them to decide if they want a picture to be taken of their loved ones coffin.  You get the picture.  You can bet that these people will talk the families out of allowing these anti-war nuts to take a picture of their loved ones coffin’s and use it for anti-war propaganda.

One liberal stated he wishes he could see pictures of the open coffin.  This is where I got really annoyed and pissed off.  My answer was if you are a  relative then you can.  Until then, wish in one hand and spit in the other and tell me which one fills up first.

Another liberal alluded that the ban violated freedoms in the constitution.  He then attempted to tell me that they’re picture should be used in anti-war propaganda.  Am I the only person seeing how idiotic these people are?  He then alluded to they wanted to take pictures out of respect.  Respect my ass!  These, I would call them people but they can’t even measure up to that general moniker, idiots are living in a alternate reality.

I find these liberals very disrespectful towards our military and if that wasn’t enough, they lack minimal respect towards dead soldiers.  They feel everything should exist to be used to make their point.  This stupid liberal then attempted to tell me I’m beyond help and brainwashed.

I told them that if my son died in a war, it would be a cold day in hell, not hell Michigan, before they were allowed anywhere near my son’s coffin.  I also told them if I had any say that they would never get a coffin photo of any soldier that passed away so you can disrespect them.  Families want to grieve their loss not be thrown into a freak show circus in the media and in anti-war propaganda.  What the left wants to happen is disrespectful to the dead soldier.  As a veteran, I’m appalled at the left’s tactics.