As the American economy drops down the old toilet, Dems aren’t taking it seriously.  Obama goes on national tv to attempt to call Rush Limbaugh the minority party leader.  That may be fun to a bunch of dems who keep sabotaging the economy because they feel that Americans will somehow attach the badness of the economy to republicans and not “The Messiah.”  However, Obama has more serious things to work on than being devisive.  If he was truly presidential and committed to this country, he wouldn’t waste his time attacking Rush Limbaugh.

Attacking Rush Limbaugh is solely a liberal fantasy most of the left have.  They feel if they can divide Rush from Republicans that somehow Republicans wouldn’t even vote for a Republican.  Their fantasy is that they want Republicans to go away and for their party to be the only party left standing.  Americans aren’t dumb.  They will see through the smokescreen and mirrors and it will come back to bite the Democrats.

Only a true partisan idiot would attempt to tell someone who just lost their job that attacking Rush was more important than creating a job for them so they can feed their family.  However, as screwed up as it is, that’s what Obama is telling the unemployed people who are out there scraping the ground for a job.

Obama isn’t exactly the brightest bulb in the stack because he said he doesn’t care about the dow and where the market closes because that doesn’t matter.  Bill Clinton would probably inform Obama that his stand is made up of stupid pride and stupidity.  Almost any economist will tell you that when great things are happening on Wall Street, they are happening on Main Street too.  Most of Obama’s economic advisors aren’t exactly the cream of the crop.  In fact they are made up of idiots who successfully ran their companies into the ground.  He’s listening to those idiots over the people who are unemployed.

On behalf of the brain dead, but Lonnie, Bush caused this.  Really?  I want a link to that because you have to know that the stock market reflects stock’s future.  Socialism occupying the US’s highest office doesn’t actually promise a future to capitolism.  That’s exactly why the markets are reacting to Obama and it’s because he’s anti-capitolism and pro-sociallism not because anything Bush did.

While all of the country is hurting economically, Obama is partying like it’s 1939 on the taxpayers dime.  I mean he’s ordering $100 a pound steak from Japan and  having private concerts with Earth, Wind, And Fire and Stevie Wonder.  Personally, I find it hypocritical for the president to be indulging in such things while the country is in the mess it’s in.  People want to see you working your ass off to make peace with the markets.  They do not want to see you partying while they are hurting economically because of YOUR economic policies.

Someone asked me if I’d be responsible enough to give Obama credit if the markets settled down and my answer is absolutely.  Just before I give him credit, I want to see 7 days of positive closings.  Hell I’ll be happy if there are no loses for 7 days.  We’re not going to see that because Obama goes on national tv or radio talking about our economy and doom and gloom.  The markets react to doom and gloom apparantly because like I’ve said the market isn’t giving investors anything to be happy about.

So go ahead Democrats, please, continue focusing on Rush and the next thing we’ll all know is that’s it’s been 4 years and all that’s gotten done is that you’ve attempted to smear Rush for 4 years.  You think the American people will understand that Rush was more important than them?  I doubt it and then Obama will find himself in the losers lane at election time.  I’m begging you, keep going after Rush.