Really, I am embarrassed that YOUR Messiah showed so little class during the visit of the Prime Minister of England’s visit.  The Prime Minister gave Obama such meaningful gifts.  The wood that the president’s desk is made out of is from a ship.  The gift that Mr. Brown gave Obama was made from the very wood that his desk was made out of.  The rich history of that wood made it a very appropriate gift.  What did the messiah give him?  a 25 disk classic DVD set.  Take the biggest idiot in the US (Michael Crook), that person could have done way better than a 25 disk classic DVD set.

Oh wait, that probably came out of Obama’s personal funds.  Since he’s a democrat and he believes in sharing the wealth, it would seem to me he could have done better.  Everyone knows that Democrats are damn giving when it comes to taxpayers money and not as giving with their personal funds.  Take for instance Joe Biden, He only gave a little to charity but gave us such speeches as it’s your patriotic duty to pay taxes.

Oh but the embarrassment’s don’t stop there.  Obama attempted to return a small statue of Winston Churchill back to the UK after it was given as a gift to the US.  Winston Churchill was an important figure in American politics.  He worked closely with the US during his term as prime minister.  He is as ingrained in our history as our presidents are so what does Barry do?  Asks them to take their gift back

Barry has no respect at all for our allies and these embarrassment’s prove that.  It may take years upon years to gain our standing back with the UK after all of these embarassments.

Hillary hasn’t done much better with her deal where she gave the Russian president a gift that had the wrong Russian word on it.  It’s just one blunder after another and of course the left couldn’t be happier because none of those guys ever had any respect for our allies either.