My last article I talk about Obama’s breach of contract with veterans and how the left views it, I see Michael Scott Crook has something to say about it.  CAUTION:  What you read on his site is highly offensive!

You can read his half baked Opinion here

Futhermore, according to Michael Crook, soldiers are Mercenaries which in itself is insulting but proves he’s an unintelligent moron but then again, Nothing new from the 3-trick pony. If he’d just read the dictionary a little bit more, he’d have learned that Mercs work for the highest bidder and has an allegiance for none. Soldiers on the other hand are working for the US and we have allegiance to the US because it is our home country.

Left/right, it doesn’t matter which side your politics are on, you can read his article and understand that none of his oars are in the water. Michael is more than a few fries shy of a happy meal. Although a fraction of what he says some people in the US believe but no where near the extreme as Michael Crook.

Michael is ill informed and quite mentally ill. Here’s another article by him today. You can read that article here.  I’ve lost more brain cells drinking alcohol in my younger days than he has total.  Michael is so stupid he probably believes someone who don’t eat meat is a vetrinarian. 

Michael is still attempting to find credible evidence that the holocaust did not happen.  He thinks he’s capable of having an intelligent debate with me but yet doesn’t want to do it on a site he does not have control over.  Why?  Because Mikey wants the chance to delete the debate all together after I’ve handed him his @ss and deny he ever said anything.  I laugh but it is entertaining to see such a idiot fail time after time.  He’s got half of the IQ of a peanut yet he doesn’t learn time after time when he’s had his @ss handed to him. 

He hates on the military and when the heat get’s too hot, he fakes his own death to break down the heat.  Maybe I should go ahead and call the Wahhhmbulance for you Mikey?  We all know it’s coming because your just THAT damn stupid.

We all know Mikey won’t ever debate me in person because that’s not his MO.  His MO is hit and run over the internet.  We also know Mikey won’t box me because he’s scared to death.  He’ll continue to sit behind his keyboard with his front door and his bedroom door locked and try to piss people off because that’s what a troll does.