Obama now wants veterans who have been wounded in war to pay for private insurance to pay for medical problems they got on the battlefield.  That’s a breach of trust and breach of contract.  While everyone else is getting free medical care veterans are going to have to pay for their medical care.

As your going through the recruitment process, the recruiters tell you if your injured on the battlefield the government will take care of you and your family.  Now Obama is telling veterans no, that was the old  deal.  The government has the right to violate it’s own contracts.  Now if you violate your contract with the government we will send your ass to jail.

Although I mentioned that the VA was going to get screwed with Obama being a far left radical, all of the lefties said no, he wouldn’t do that to veterans.  Really captain jack?  Keeping smoking that crap and tell me again when you run out of that stuff and your mind isn’t as clouded with that substance in your system.

It’s the liberal thing to do.  Liberals hate veterans so why should it surprise anyone that a liberal would attempt to do such a thing to veterans.  I’m not at all worried about myself.  I retired and have all of my limbs in one piece.  Think of how a veteran who lost both arms is going to make a living in order to pay for his private insurance?  Some of these veterans are 100% disabled and can’t earn a living so now they have to pay for private insurance.