Ok, this is not only embarrassing, but funny.  Remember the 25 DVD set of classic movies Obama Gave Prime Minister Brown?  Mr. Brown attempted to put one in his DVD player and got a surprise.  There is a difference between US and European DVD players.  It’s all in the format of the DVDs.  Apparantly, Obama didn’t take that into consideration when he purchased the DVD set.

One lady who commented on the original story told me Obama studied European governments and cultures.  Obviously, this one hit him from behind.  If he’d just have asked me, I’d have told him that the formats are not compatible.  LMFAO.  I still stand behind my earlier comment that this ill thought of gift is embarrasing.

However, since I value the UK’s friendship to the US as a nation, I’m willing to go buy Mr. Brown a US DVD player and ship it to him if someone will just pony up the mailing address.  I’m on my way to work and don’t have time to find the address and buy the DVD player for him.