The Global Warming Mafia just don’t get it.  They think just because they get some hollywood actor  to tell people to turn off their lights for an hour that the whole world would be interested.  Honestly, that almost tempts me to use more because your so short sighted that you think I care about Hollywood.

Yes the Global Warming Nuts are attempting to see how many people will do what they tell them to do.  I do not take part in such idiotic things.  My wife knows the drill, every light in the house goes on for that hour and after that, she turns off the lights she isn’t using.  As for me, I’ll be at work with every light in the building on and every computer will be on whether or not anyone is using it or not.

Anyhow, I figure if Al Gore can fly around on private jets and leave his car running while he gives a speech, I can run my electricity for an hour.  Do not look at me as being environmentally unfriendly.  Look at me as someone who says Al Gore and the rest of the limosine liberals are not going to intimidate me.  They are not special!  They are destroying the environment much faster than I am so I figure why should they have all of the fun.  If you’d like to have just as much fun with this, just merely turn on all of your lights for that hour and while your lights are on, go for a ride around town in your SUV.  The message we’re sending is that we don’t intend on being forced to live smaller lives so that jackasses like Al Gore and JFK, Jr., Madonna, etc can live large.  Screw them all!