Yet another lie from Obama, no we’re not going to raise your taxes.   He’s a lying POS.  We’re going to be seeing the largest increase in cigarette taxes on Wednesday.

I’m going to stop smoking not because I want to but because Obama is attempting to bleed me for more money so he can carry out his liberal agenda.  I hope more people will join me and give him what he wants.  He wants the tobacco industry to fail.  He’s placed all of his eggs in one basket by going after smokers to finance his out of control spending.  Hopefully the S-Chipp program fails because all of the smokers stop.

I figure if enough of us quit then we can help Obama fail.  He’s already counting his tax monies before he has them in his greedy little hands.  I’m sure he’s smiling  and wringing his hands because he can’t wait to spend what he does not have.  You can see it in his beady little eyes.  If he can’t make his money off cigarettes to support his socialistic agenda then he’ll be moving on to alcohol to support them.  More liberals drink than smoke cigarettes.  You do the math.

As for me, I’ll stop smoking on Wednesday…the same day that the largest tax on cigarettes.  Each day, I’ll wake up and go for walks for most of the day.  I know to be successful at quitting I need to stay busy and I’ll be spending even less time on my blog than I have been doing.