Obama apologized for American arrogance.  Let’s be clear on this because I really hate someone apologizing for me when I’m not very apologetic.

The US pays 80% of every endeavor we go into with other countries so it should come as no surprise we should take 80% of the say so.  If Russia wants 80% of the say so then maybe they need to man up and pay 80% of the cost.  If France decides it wants 80% of the say so then they should pay 80% of the cost.

Our sitting president went overseas to apologize for something that didn’t need to be apologized for.  He asked in return for that, more troops and came home empty handed.  He then proceeded to Saudi where he bowed or polished the royal jewels and still cdame home empty handed.  While he was talking about his fantasy foreign policy of “No Nukes!” North Korea fired a missle.  The North Koreans have him pegged as someone who won’t do anything to back up what he’s said.  In return for that humiliation, Obama went to the UN to find out that the America hating European ass wipes won’t do anything about the missle launch.

So What has Obama learned?  I’d love to have a beer while I listen to this one because I’m sure he’ll be reaching for the stars while trying to come up with a logical excuse.