This is soooo not funny.  These people go to Cuba and talk nice about a murdering communist dictator then go on the attack against the voters and Republicans claiming we’re stupid, arrogant and unintelligent.  This is something that the idiots in Hollywood do all of the time.  They actually went to Cuba and got played!  The black caucus bought Castro’s lines hook, line, and sinker.

Fidel Castro has made everyone who ever criticized him disappear never to be seen again.  He has a very low approval rating among human rights activists yet the idiot from Illinois said “It’s like we’ve been friends forever.”  In a sick kind of way, those congressmen and women sounded like they just met their hero.  The female congresswoman that wants the government to take over the oil industry said “He said he followed our election and heard all of Obama’s speeches and asked what he can do to help.”   She just had an orgasm.  I wanted to hand her a cigarette. One female congresswoman stated “I expected more poor people but I was surprised about how much the citizens had.”  Well I’m sure Castro selected who they got to visit and I’m not entirely sure that they know the real deal that Cubans make $9 a month and 95% of them are payed by the state.

So if we’re going to normalize relations with Cuba, what’s next?  Are we going to normalize relations with Iran and allow tourism next?  I mean it would save Hezbollah the trouble of traveling around the globe to kidnap American citizens.  If we do normalize relations with Cuba what do we get out of the deal?  Other than being able to travel there.  Last time I checked, Cuba really don’t have anything that we particularly need unless your looking at having a banana rat for dinner.