Where’s the outrage at bailed out companies that give their employee bonuses?  Where in the hell is Acorn driving people out to protest in front of CEO’s homes making their families feel threatened?  Where’s the corrupt press to discuss the issue?  Oh wait, that’s only for big corporations like AIG and not for companies like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that cooked their books just like Enron.  Fannie and Freddie have been described as Enron on steroids and we all know what happened to Enron.  The government leveled charges against Enron so why not Fannie and Freddie?  I guess nobody running those companies are going to be held to any kind of standards since they give the liberal politicians lots and lots of compain donations.  Besides the liberal media and Acorn are both political hacks and think it’s ok for Fannie and Freddie employees to receive their bonuses.  Thus is just more liberal bias and hypocrisy.

Me, I wasn’t for none of the bailed out companies to receive bonuses.  I called it straight down the line and said it’s not good for Fannie, Freddie, nor AIG but then again, I’ve got something that I call morals and integrity…something most liberals lack.  Liberals have selective morals and integrity.  Liberals don’t like AIG but they love Fannie and Freddie because they gave out all of those toxic loans to people who couldn’t afford them.  Don’t expect the same level of hate leveled against AIG by the left to go against Freddie or Fannie.  It ain’t going to come anytime soon.  In fact, the media isn’t going to tell you about the bonuses because they are a biased left tool.

The left will go along with bonuses for everyone at Fannie and Freddie because “the messiah” hasn’t told them what to think about it.  Talk about mindless sheep.  The sad part is that the left supports bailing out the auto industry because they don’t want the UAW to have to renegotiate their agreement.  They like to disreguard the fact that the UAW helped kill the auto industry and say that the union’s had nothing to do with the Big 3’s bottom line  swirling around at the bottom of the toilet.

The just and fair way to proceed is to not allow any bailed out companies to give out bonuses AND THAT INCLUDES FANNIE AND FREDDIE.  You are playing favorites when you allow 2 companies to do the very same thing you attacked the 3rd from doing.  By allowing this, your sending the message “Yeah, I know what we said to AIG but since your companies are special that law does not apply to you.”  You can’t send that message out and expect to be respected!