Ok, are there any competitant people in the Obama Administration?  I swear the pirates wouldn’t have made it 24 hours in that raft without any gas if I had anything to do with it.  Personally I’d have had a seal team on the scene before nightfall.  I’d have sent them out to the raft to slit the throats of the pirates and bring back the hostage.  Additionally, I’d have left a “Don’t Tread One Me” Flag with the dead bodies.   This wouldn’t have made it 24 hours until it was resolved.  Of course since Obama appears to be a wuss when it comes to National Security, he’s probably going to negotiate with the pirates and disreguard the fact that these could be terrorists getting money to finance their jihad. 

Call me barbaric, call me crude, call me cruel but I wouldn’t have allowed this to last this long.  The boat’s captain would have been back on his ship before dawn the first night.