We, as Americans, need to sit down and think about the obvious here.  The Obama administration has been pwned by 4 pirates in a freaking raft w/no gas.  This is a sad situation but has anyone other than me thought of the obvious?

If four pirates can pwn the Obama administration, doesn’t that scare the hell out of you when they say they are going to keep America safe from Al Quaeda?  I mean I look at the pirate situation as a measuring stick and right now Obama is scoring a major F in National Defense.

Obama went abroad and apologized that the US is arrogant however, here are the facts.  The US gets it done and we pay more for the task than other countries do.  If things were left up to other countries, absolutely nothing would get done.  Take a look at the pirate situation.

Other countries could help control the pirates, however, they won’t.  Most of the Europeans are scared to death of the people who will attempt to say that the pirates have rights.  Ain’t that a hoot.  So lunatics will say that common criminals have rights.  These are the same ignorant people who say we should empty out the prisons so there goes their credibility.  Other countries think they should have the say so when they can’t do something simple like control a bunch of outlaw criminal pirates because they have rights.  How pathetic!

Like I’ve said, this confrontation would NOT have lasted this long if logical people were running the show.  Primarily have the Navy Seals go in and capture the pirates or slit their throats whatever works.

I think as a country we’re looking pretty weak when we can be outdone by 4 pirates on a raft w/no gas holding 1 hostage.  If this is Obama’s very best moment, we’re in a LOT of trouble in the War on Terror.  Ok, so sue me I used the forbidden phrase!    Just chalk it up to free speech because the government can’t use the phrase, doesn’t mean I can’t.  I guess Michelle has ALL OF THE BALLS in the family.