To say I’m purplexed as what I’ve read written by liberals on the subject is a understatement.  According to this intelligence challenged individual, “The insurance companies and the rich person should pay the ransom.”  Of course in his liberal stupor he forgot to ask himself who is hurt by this?  EVERYONE is hurt by this.  I’ll explain in detail.

The affected company’s insurance rates will raise because of the ransom.  At this juncture, liberals say so what.  As a result, the company raises it’s fees to ship items.  Still your average liberal will say so what.  By raising it’s fees, humanitarian aid prices go up so we spend more money to ship the aid therefore less aid gets shipped. Then that company will receive less work which will result in lay offs and maybe even result in the company going under.  As shipping companies go under, the other companies charge higher prices to ship because there are less companies to do the work.

As a result, we then have a company somewhere else that ships goods into this country.  Well, they are affected the same way but now as a consequence of the pirate problem, they’ve raised their rates too.  The originating company is not going to absorb the costs so they raise the price of the goods that are being shipped.  Now your paying for the pirate threat.

If a small one ship shipping company makes 6 Million dollars in a year and has a operating cost of 3 Million dollars.  Their payroll is 1 Million dollars and their insurance costs are 1.5 Million dollars then they ARE NOT considered rich by any measurement.  The $500,000 that is left is used to buy new parts when they break down and to maintain the ship.  Maintaining a ship is a really expensive part of the shipping industry.  Most ships carry extra parts so if they break down in the middle of the ocean, they’re able to fix it and keep going.

It’s very idiotic to say that the pirates only effect the rich when they effect everyone.  I can only guess that the person who spewed this nonsense was smoking his illegal substances at the time he wrote that.  To unravell the truth in this you have to follow the money to see the bigger picture.