I’ve often said this is a testament to the left wing loonies who constantly talk about conservatives being mindless sheep but I can now prove it’s the other way around.

Our Democrat Congress and the president refuses to acknowledge the truth about Antartic Ice and are continuing along as if they didn’t ge the memo.  You can read the memo here.  The article boils down to this.  Global nuts are in Western Antarctica yelling about the melting ice while Eastern Antartica’s ice is getting bigger, thicker, and growing by the day.  The report also states that temperatures are getting significantly cooler each decade in the Eastern part of Antarctica

Our Democrat Congress and the president want to continue on their present path so they can finish bilking taxpayers over their conspiracy of global warming.  Now I’ve said in the past if the government catches someone polluting rivers, lakes, and oceans they should have to pay fines and pay to clean it up.  However, global warming is a scam and a very dishonest scam at that.  This report proves that.  The report in fact strengthens my argument that if the ice melts in the west, it’s making up for it in other parts.  There are no truths to the fact that the oceans are rising due to global warming.  I’m sure if there is flooding it’s because we’re getting more rain in the ocean regions of the world and it has absolutely nothing to do with global warming.

Given the scandalous nature of global warming, I can’t help but let everyone know what was discovered.  The Democrat party wants us to pay more for driving our cars in the US.  Do we really need this during our current financial times?  I’m not sure about all of you, but I certainly don’t need this crap right now.  This is the starting point for cap and trade.  That’s a unique little program where the government makes all of us pay more for our heating and cooling bills because it’s supposed to be bad for the environment.  Who get’s hurt by this?  Obviously the lower and middle classes are hurt by this little bit of dishonest legislation.

Obama said McCain would hurt the lower and middle class but it’s the exact opposite.  Obama is going to get rid of the middle class and leave them all in even lower financial standing than they were through his reckless support for the Global Warming Scam.

Al Gore was full of himself when he said the debate is over because the more we learn the less his junk science is standing up to reality.  Short term, it’s easy for him to peddle his lies but over time, his assumptions are drowning in his tears not melted antarctic ice.

It’s dishonest to worry over west antartica ice when the Eastern antartica ice is growing.  Obama is fearmongering to send us all to the poor house.  I think that we’re at the mercy of the RINO’s in congress.  The ones who will support this piece of shit legislation for a political bribe.  I hope everyone joins me and emails their congressmen and Senators to stop this madness!  This is just an excuse to rape the taxpayers wallets nothing more nothing less.