I have many problems with this clusterf*ck and I’ll lay them out one at a time.  First, we had a openly gay person person judging the opposite sex.  Why?  That’s like a dog judging a cat show.  He’s not attracted to females so why should he be judging a beauty contest with ladies.  What’s next are they going to ask straight guys to judge Mr Or Miss gay america?  It’s absurd!  Secondly, Perez used his position as judge to go after Miss California because proposition 8 was shot down by most Californians.  So Perez thought of his position as a way to get even with Miss California for what he felt strongly about that was done on a political stage.  Miss California gave an honest answer to his question and he goes on his site and calls her a “Dumb B*tch!”  Miss America has NEVER been a platform for serious hot button issues.

Perez is like your normal liberal.  Notice the anger he displayed on his website yelling into the camera and calling Miss California a “Dumb b*tch!”  No Perez, your the idiot in this instance.  This is who liberals are, they are angriest that society has to offer.  These are the idiots that our president has decided to cater to.  Perez probably has nicer stuff to say about Hugo Chavez and the Castro bothers than he has to say about Miss California.  I wouldn’t doubt that those people are his hero’s.

Perez had no right to use the Miss America pagent to further his political cause.  The only thing he has proved that he is a sore loser.  Instead of being happy that Obama got elected because people like him got all these people to the polls to vote, he’s bitter because said people also voted against gay marriage.  To bring this issue to the Miss America pagent wasn’t kosher.  It’s heavily political and unfair to ask a bunch of beauty queens.

I’m not saying Miss California would have won had this idiot asked a legitimate question because everyone had said that had she aced the question, she still wouldn’t have won.  That’s beside the point.  I’m criticizing the idiots for dragging a homosexual into the fold and allowing him to judge something he’s not exactly qualified to do.  I’m also criticizing the question he came up with.  My other point is that while Perez wants gay marriage, the MAJORITY of Americans don’t want it because if they did, we’d have gay marriages in every state.  Why bash a bunch of beauty queens over the issue when it’s the MAJORITY  of Americans who keep gay marriage from happening.

I also question why he was even invited to be a judge anyways.  He’s a gay liberal celebrity blogger.  Hell I’m a straight conservative blogger, guess he’s much better than me because I like some of hollywood and hate the rest.  I have no respect for 90% of Hollywood.  I’m not a mindless numbot following the manmade global warming battle cry.  So Perez has no credentials to be a judge.  He’s never done a damn thing for his country or his fellow man.  What a waste!