Ok, so President Obama wants us to believe he didn’t send his 2 Air Force One Jet’s to New York?  Right just like he wanted us to believe he didn’t know about Reverend Wright’s message yet he sat in church for 20 years.  There seems to be a running pattern here.  However, I have a hard time believing Obama since these are his jets exclusively.  He is going to look for a fall guy in this latest blunder.  This so called photo opp cost the taxpayers $329,000+ dollars.

Not to mention the fact he comes out this looking like a hypocrite.  I mean he is a firm believer in Man-made Global Warming and having 2 Scareforce One jets and several F-16 fighters escorting it created a huge carbon footprint.  I’ve pointed out the hypocracy involved in the man-made global warming movement.

This doesn’t even address the concerns of most New Yorkers that were scared to death to see F-16’s surrounding the 2 Air Force One planes as they buzzed ground zero.  This was a insenseative calloused decision to do the photo opp.  It’s insulting to have a president who says that he had no idea about this whole ordeal when these are his planes.  They do not take off unless they have Obama’s ok to do so.  Yes, I stand here calling Obama a liar and I very much mean that!!!