Apparently, the Democrats believe troops don’t deserve hate crime bill protection but pedophiles do.  This whole concept to me is proposterous!  Pedophiles are the lowest of low of the American population both outside the prison system AND INSIDE the prison system.  These peices of trash don’t deserve any protections by a hate crime bill.  If someone came home to find that a 30 year old man just raped their 14 year old son/daughter, I support their decision to kill or beat the perputrator within an inch of their life.

I fully support covering homosexuals and lesbians under the legislation.  I have absolutely no argument there however, I think that there should be special circumstances that would preclude them from filing charges.  If a gay man grabs a guy by his package uninvited, then I don’t think they should fall in the protection of a hate crimes bill because the gay man assaulted the guy first by grabbing his package.  I think if there are no assault on the part of the gay person then I think they should be protected by the hate crimes bill.

I have no problem with them excluding veterans from the bill as long as pedophiles are not covered.  If your going to cover pedophiles then you’d better cover veterans!  90% of Americans feel the same way I do about pedophiles.  They deserve no special protection whatsoever!