I know we’ve heard the kooks rants about how we prosecuted the Japanese for waterboarding from liberals who try to put up an honest argument or are they?

The Japanese did not use waterboarding as it was used at Gitmo.  To say they did is dishonest.  I researched freedom of information documents on the internet and found a report done by General McArthur that said:

The victim’s stomach is filled with water from a hose placed in .the throat. A plank is then placed across the distended stomach, and Japanese push on each end, in a see-saw’ing motion thus forcing out the water from the stomach. Many of the victims die under this torture. “

So this is a blatant lie that this is the same technique used by the Japanese. We waterboard our troops so does that mean it’s acceptable to do this to our troops and not a terrorist?  So if you look at it in this view, it leaves you believing that the liberals hate US troops more than they hate terrorists.  I mean it’s ok for troops to get waterboard but you don’t dare do that to a truly bad guy.

Other liberals are saying that the reason the terrorists were attempting to commit suicide is because we tortured them.  Really?  Because I believe it’s called buyers remorse.  You know, they committed the crime and can’t do the time.  Obviously they thought they were going to get virgins instead of a cell at Gitmo.  Then there is the guilt part of the equation since they did sell out their cause by ratting on their little jihad.

My personal definition of torture is physical pain, killing the person a little at a time or dismemberment.  It does not include listening to alternative music for 23 hours a day, it does not include sharing your cell with a damn caterpillow either, etc.    Although, I’m willing to give them a break on listening to that song sung by Barney the purple dinasour.  That would involve a level of torture.

Speaking of loud noise, I believe that when Janet Reno went after the Wacko in Waco, she used loud music to keep them from sleeping but nobody shouted on the rooftops about that being torture.  So essentially liberals only complain about this when Republicans are doing it.  I didn’t hear cries about how the bad US government violated their rights back then in Waco.  So not only do liberals attempt to lie and use dishonest means to argue their point, they will also conveinently tow the party line when it’s done by a Democrat.

Additionally, who in the hell believed Nancy Pelosi when she attempts to say she didn’t know anything about Waterboarding at Club Gitmo?  I don’t, not for a second.  I think she knew and didn’t say a damn word because it was in her best interest to swear she didn’t know even though there are several sources out there that can verify that she received the breifing when they told her about it.  If you believe her, then I’ve got some prime realestate to sell you in the Florida everglades.