Right after the last election, Speaker Pelosi promised she was going to tackle government corruption.  The part she forgot to mention to us is that she’s only going after corrupt Republicans and not corrupt Democrats.  There are several examples out there to base this on, most recently is John Murtha.  Nobody seems to be holding Speaker Pelosi to her word because she’s a liberal and they didn’t run on being ethical.  Honestly Speaker Pelosi, in my view there isn’t a hell of a lot of difference between a corrupt Republican or a corrupt Democrat.  Neither is doing their party any good on any front whatsoever!

If you think I’m blowing smoke here, look back at the Charlie Wrangle’s tax problem.  This man wrote the tax code.  He knew he was screwing up by not claiming the money he made on his Carribian Beach house rental but he didn’t claim it.  There is a definite conflict of interest in his case.  What did Speaker Pelosi do?  She asked him to resign and he told her to get lost because he ain’t resigning.  He walked into the black caucus meeting and you’d think he’d won a prize for his criminal behaviour.  I say criminal behaviour because it comes down to intent.  He intended not to pay taxes on that money.  He signed his tax form certifying that he’d claimed all monies and well that was a lie.

Tim “Turbo Tax” Geitner also falls into this category.  He didn’t pay his taxes either.  He got a SPECIAL IRS deal in that he didn’t have to pay any penalties for his miscondct.  If I’d done that, I’d have been paying a load of interest on that money.  So how ethical is having a “Friends Of The IRS” list (not to be confused with “Friends of Angelo” list)?  Although it’s on the same level of corruption as the friends of Angelo list.

Tom “Limo King” Daschle was another Democrat tax cheat.  Like Turbo Tax, he didn’t pay any interest or penalties for his tax problem either.  What about the ex-governor of Kansas, she owed the IRS plenty of money too.  How about Chris “Friends Of Angelo” Dodd who got a low interest loan at a very special rate that most of us will never get.  How ethical is it that he gets a good deal on the loan while the rest of the people applying for the loan pays the difference?    All this while Chris Dodd was in charge of the Mortgage and Loan subcomittee.  Now that’s ethical behaviour isn’t it? Not that Chris Dodd was the only one because there is Barney “It’s ok, I’m banging the CEO” Frank who had a gay love affair with one of the CEO’s from Freddie Mac or Fanny Mae while he was sitting on the Mortgage and Loan Subcommittee.  Yes, there has been plenty of times Speaker Pelosi could have done something about corruption but yet decided not to in the name of towing the Democrat agenda.

So in a nutshell, maybe Speaker Pelosi should shut up and not say another word about corruption because the voting public can see it’s “Business as Usuall!”