I look at the whole Miss California debacle and wind up scratching my head and saying how stupid these charactor assinators must be.  I think Miss California said the exact thing that President Obama said and nobody appears to be going after President Obama.  Like most liberal hate groups, they aren’t smart enough to figure out which one matters so they’re going after Miss California.  Somehow it’s her fault that gays and lesbians aren’t recognized and allowed to marry.


If Obama wanted to endorse gay marriage, you could already be planning your first divorce!  There are people in the gay and lesbian groups that really don’t want marriage because they enjoy being able to break up with whoever they want without having to lose half of their stuff in divorce.  I don’t care how hard or how vicious you go after Miss California, she, in no way whatsoever, can authorize it so your spinning your wheels.

These groups claim they want respect but when they do stupid sh*t like this they will never get any.  You people like to crow how intelligent you are yet you go out and do stuff like this.  You are your own worst enemy!  My humble advice go find someone who can make a difference and go after them instead.