Finally, someone asked Eric Holder the question I think needs to be asked and instead of answering it, he fumbled it.  See I was waiting to see if this question would ever be asked .

If Waterboarding is indeed torture then are we torturing our troops when we put them through survival training and in his bumbling of the question, Eric Holder said it wasn’t.  See, I’ve said all along liberalism is dishonest.  If waterboarding terrorist scumbags is torture then we’re torturing our troops.  That is the bottom line.  If one is torture the other most certainly would be torture.  To say differently is intellectually dishonest.  Where’s the outrage over waterboarding our troops?  It doesn’t exist because liberals believe it’s only torture if you do it to a Islamic scumbag.

Part of the liberals outrageous statements over waterboarding is their willingness to say we shouldn’t have prosecuted Japanese military over waterboarding when we are using it.  This is another intelliectually dishonest argument.  It’s dishonest because we’re talking apples and oranges when it comes to true torture and waterboarding.  The lie lies in the application of the two methods.  The Japanese would shove a tube down their throat and fill the POWs stomach up to the point it was 2 to 4 times it’s normal size the 4 guys would hold down all of the POWs limbs while 2 other guys grabbed a board and used their strength and weight in a see saw motion on the board over the POWs abdomen.  Compare that to shoving a rag that has been drenched in water in their mouth and pour water over their face.  There is a difference because there is no pain and there is no danger to them because we have a doctor present in case there is a problem.

Now the congress strikes back at Obama’s plan to move GITMO detainees back to the US.  They pulled the funding for it and to me it comes as no surprise and I’ll explain.  The supreme court does not have the power to extend US laws to foreign soil.  What that means is that US law can not extend beyond the border of the United States.  It says so in the constitution!  That’s why we have military law to punish service members stationed overseas.  Therefore their arrogance of attempting to apply the constitution to POWs is illegal.  Their move to give detainees the right to a speedy trial is illegal.  The US constitution cannot extend beyond it’s borders, Obama didn’t have a choice.

Nancy Pelosi has changed her story once again.  Yeah that’s credible…NOT!  Now she says the CIA did not mislead her, it was the Bush administration.  Now, 1st she said she didn’t know about waterboarding, then she said it was mentioned, then she attempted to say she was told, then she said the CIA lied to her, now the Bush administration mislead her.  This all sounds a little fishy to me.  If she wasn’t hiding anything, I’d think that one news conference to say  she didn’t know more than sufficient.  She’s going to be thrown under the bus and asked to step down.  There are no doubts about this.  She knew about waterboarding and was silent and asked if waterboarding was harsh enough.  LOL.  If the left wants to pursue George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, they’ll go after Pelosi because she was involved in it up to her neck.  So congressional democrats will have to make a choice, do we go after Bush, Cheney, and Pelosi or do we stop and keep Pelosi as the speaker?  I’m sure we’ll see this play out the rest of this year.  It’s sort of like watching a car wreck getting ready to happen.