It comes as no surprise to me that most of the liberal states are in trouble.  Most fund stupid shit in their budgets and carry liberal causes.  They don’t know when enough is enough.  California is just the latest liberal state to start suffering.  Politicians in California aren’t smart enough to know that you can’t spend more than you take in.  I’ve heard discussions that turned my stomach on this.  Some of the liberals answer to the problem is to bar businesses from moving out of their state.  That’s not an oppropriate discussion to have.

California has said it itends on cutting firemen, police, and education to make up for their shortfalls but I think their stupid if they do that.  My opinions are such programs they have to help out illegal immigrants should be cut, they should cut funding for nature activism.  That entails funding for the otters, and every other stupid activist program dealing with nature.  They should get back to the basics of government.  If the taxpayers aren’t served by the expense then they shouldn’t be paying it.  Hint:  Otters don’t pay taxes.

These states need to change the way they approach the budget and stop paying for stuff they can’t afford.  If you can afford a program for the Otters then by all means do so if you wish but in these times, they need to only partake of expenses that matter.

Most of these states endorse the opinion that corporations are evil so it should come as no suprise that they try to tax these corporations to death.  Eventually the corporations look into moving because of this.  All of the liberal states that are failing are losing their businesses every day to states like Texas.  Maybe they should be looking at changing their way of doing things and calling up Governor Perry who has done an outstanding job as governor here in Texas.  There is only so much government bullying that can happen towards corporations before they say screw you, we’ll move!  Most of the liberal failing states aren’t intelligent enough to understand there are ramifications for their actions but still they continue on.

California is unique in that they have a Republican In Name Only (RINO)  as a governor.  Let me be the first to tell you that there is absolutely no difference between a Liberal Republican and a liberal.  They are both Liberals first.  If your going to hire a Republican to run a state, you should find a real Republican to elect.  If you want a liberal then find one and elect him.   To think that a half and half is going to do anything that requires a backbone, your just wasting your time, money, and effort.

Having said that, I applaud our citizens in California for standing up and being counted.  It’s very clear form where I sit that they overwelmingly don’t want higher taxes which goes right into the face of Colin Powell who said people want to pay higher taxes for more government services.  Obviously, Colin Powell doesn’t know what he’s talking about but yet the liberal media gives him face time and sings his praises.  Again, congratulations California, even I support your position because it’s my position.  Government needs to start living within it’s means and not running up national debts.  I’d encourage Californians to take a fresh new look at the California politicians and start targeting the irresponsible ones for replacement in the upcoming elections.  Californians have to live within their means so it’s not asking too much that the government also does this.