Barry has been proven wrong once again.  His idea about talking to these scumbags in charge of Iran and North Korea have yielded no results.  I had absolutely no doubts about Barry being wrong when he insisted that they would go along with us if he just engage them.  Obama came out of this looking like an idiot.

Both Kim Jung Ill and Ackmadinajad are dangerous people in dangerous positions.  What makes them dangerous is they are as unstable as Nitrogen.  Both are mentally ill and psyochotic and both are in positions to execute their beliefs.

China and the Soviet Union are coming out this clusterf*ck looking like idiots too.  They were supposed to talk to North Korea and Iran respectively.   So I ask you, how is that strategy working?  Coming from my point of view, it doesn’t work.  UN Sanctions don’t work because the UN is a worthless organization.

Also the Democrats come out looking doubly stupid because of the National Intelligence Estimate said that Iran doesn’t have nukes.  That could be the case in point for why we believed there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.  If they were wrong about Iran couldn’t they have been wrong on Iraq?  Intelligence information is only as good as the word on the streets.  If there is a disinformation campaign going on, intelligence wise, we will always have faulty information.  I don’t hear the Democrats saying how they were lied to by Bush because the NIE said there were no nukes in Iran, and we’re not going to either.  Democrats ate the NIE hook line and sinker without ever questioning it’s authenticity.

This is where we’ll find out how much balls Obama has.  Is he going to go whining to the UN about North Korea’s missle launch or is he going to initiate some things on his own to hurt North Korea.  Is he going to stand by Israel, South Korea, and Japan or is he going to sell them down the crapper?

North Korea is making threats now in that they are threatening to level South Korea and Japan.  Our friends, the Japanese and South Koreans, are contemplating creating their own nuclear arsenal and going on the attack against Kim Jung Ill.  My advice to both countries, it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission.  Barry doesn’t have the spine to fix this problem for you guys.  I’m betting he takes the whine to the UN route.  Which nobody actually takes the UN seriously because they will send a letter to North Korea.

Personally if we did have someone with a backbone, we’d have them temporarily suspended from all organizations of government, including the UN.  We’d put the word out that we do not do business with anyone who supports North Korea and Iran.  This would eliminate food and supplies from China and Russia then lets see how defiant that fat little bastard is when he’s begging for food like one of his citizens.  It would take balls of steel to take these actions along with going the UN route.  Then we can take our ships and make a blockade to eliminate anything he’s getting.  We can start inspecting the content of planes flying into North Korea and make sure he’s not getting anything from anywhere.

Once he is desperate to make a deal, I’d put him off for three or four months before I even attempted to talk.  See North Korea learned it’s lesson well from Vietnam.  When they are hurting they offer to negotiate and use the time in between to rebuild and restart their movement.  They never once have followed through with any of their promises in the past and I’d make them pay for that before I’d agree to letting them get back to normal.  I’d make it apparent to Kim Jung Ill that I’m not giving him any free passes and I’m not about to take any of his bullshit!  That’s how you send a message to a dumbass like Kim Jung Ill.  Honestly, I don’t think Barry has that in him.  It’s like training a dog to go outside.  You have to be a bastard and grab him by the back of the head and shove his nose in it when he doesn’t make it outside to do his business.  Eventually even the dumbest pet will learn that you go outside to do your business.  Another analogy is taking the biggest/roughest bully in school and knocking him out.  It sends a message to the small fries that they aren’t going to be tolerated anymore.  I know it works because I’ve been there done that.  I offered to beat the stuffing out of 3 people at one time, guess what?  It all convientently stopped.  I used pure power to intimidate each and every one of them.  I picked the biggest guy up off his feet by his collar and shoved him into the locker, the small fries cowered.  Guess what?  international bullies react the same way.  Calling the principle (UN) never works.  Even if you get your butt kicked, as long as you left the biggest bully with a black eye, he learned a little lesson about respect and the small fries learned to back off.

Actually, I’d respect Obama a little if he went in for the kill and decided to go after those who support the lame asses Kim Jung Ill and Achmadinajad.    If he gets them to stop supporting these guys temporarily, then we could force them to negotiate with us in which we shoot to have UN inspectors in their country monitoring their activities as a condition to getting their support back.  To settle for less, would be a idiotic move.  Reagan said once about the Soviets, “Trust but verify.”  That’s exactly what’s needed here.  Also now, IS NOT THE TIME TO GET RID OF OUR NUKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!