I’m very adamant in my beliefs.  Call me crazy but when a non-profit works through a private finance company, I have a ton of questions.  It reaks of corruption in my opinion.

First off, to maintain a tax exempt status these organizations SHOULD BE REQUIRED to be transparent.  Acorn is not transparent.  In fact, I don’t trust them based on their practices.

All money funneled into Acorn goes through a private finance company which is not required to be transparent  That private finance company then funnels the money into different Acorn entities.  I’ll go ahead and say it as honestly as I believe it.  This is set up this way so nobody can question where the money went and have no clue that any crimes have been committed.  How else could one of the two brothers who set up Acorn have defrauded them of 1 Million Dollars and not go to jail?

I firmly believe that if Acorn wants to keep it’s non-profit tax exempt status, it’s whole operation should be transparent to show how much money they got per year and where that money came from.  I also think they should say what the money was supposed to be for and what they used it for.  Until they start playing an honest game then I think they should have their non-profit/tax exempt  status revoked.

Washington Democrats like to stuff their head in the sand over this issue.  Not one of them wants to discuss the issue with anyone.  Barney Frank was confronted about this and basically said, prove they committed fraud and we’ll look into it after he’d said he is defending George Bush and how this is disrespectful towards George Bush.  What?  What a stupid statement from someone who would sell out George W. Bush any other time?  I believe absolutely nothing will be done by Washington because Acorn is playing the political game instead of being true to the people that support them.  What Acorn has done is disrespectful to the American tax payers and the people they are “Supposedly helping out.”

If Acorn does not having anything to hide, then they should pull the veil off their seedy finances and prove to everyone they are working above board and that there are no seedy characters doing things illegal under the table.  To not go transparent only adds to suspicions that they are doing something that they don’t want the tax payers to know about.

It’s interesting to me that a converted funeral home is the address for over 250 organizations yet there weren’t but a handful of cars at the address.  To add more to my suspicion, Bill O’Reilly had a female reverend on his show that never once opened her eyes while talking.  It was almost like she was attempting to recall a script she was vaguely familiar with.  Then of course the CEO of Acorn was on the show too while saying that nothing was going on, also said no to allowing tax payers a transparent look inside their organization.

If it qucks like a duck, it’s usually a duck.  Acorn looks like a fraudulent scam operation, so I’d have to say it is.  These people get tax-exempt non-profit status yet they aren’t accountable to anyone.  Sounds fishy to me.  Even while several Acorn associates are being prosecuted around the US on Voter Fraud charges, most liberals like to say that Acorn is a bi-partisan non-profit agency but that’s stretching the truth quite a ways.  They are partisan hacks out there furthering the Democrat party using the BAMN mantra.  Let’s not be dishonest about Acorn’s agenda.

Until I see full and accurate accounting of my tax money that was given to them, I will continue to say that their accounting practices are questionable.  We already know what they spend their money on can be labled as questionable.  They sent people over to protest in front of AIG executives homes.  Ethically, this n0n-profit agency is starting to make the mafia look like a respectable organization.