Last year’s Tax information has been compiled and yes, the high tax liberal states are singing the blues.  I called it from the start.  Most of the people with money fought back against higher state taxes by simply moving.  I honestly believe these idiots feel that people won’t choose this option while their coming up with more and more ways to bilk the taxpayers.

Their liberal arrogance prevents them from realizing that they can’t just bilk taxpayers and expect them to continue to live in their state.  They are too stupid to realize that you can’t spend more than they are taking in.  If you own a business and you run your business like the federal government, you’ll be filing bankruptcy sooner rather than later so why is it so acceptable at the state and federal levels?

You can see the video that addresses this issue here.

The reality of the US tax system is that liberals say the rich aren’t paying their fare share yet a 2006 report by the Heritage foundation found that the top 10% of taxpayers are paying 71% of the total tax bill.  I may not be a rocket scientist but it seems to me that they are.  The other 90% of our population is paying 29%.  This makes me want to ask these haters what amount do you think is fair?  I mean do you think that the rich should pay 80%, 90%, or are you such a lazy person that you think the top 10% should pay 100%?

This liberal idiocy is exactly what’s causing liberal states to fail.  Nobody in state politics are smart enough to manage a budget because these loons are yelling about proposed cuts.  In California’s case, there will be crying and temper tantrums over cutting the Otter’s funding but as a taxpayer, I wouldn’t have a problem cutting their funding as the otter’s don’t pay taxes.