Obama doesn’t seem to mind flying his wife out for the evening and making the tax payers pay for it.  He rang up at least $26,000 to take his wife to New York to take in dinner and the theater.  People are unemployed and hurting financially so he can take a trip to New York and party like it’s 1969.

Democrats, if this is the best you got, your in for a rude awakening in 2012.  I’m probably not the only person sitting here repulsed by how easily he can run through Thousand’s of dollars of taxpayers monies while he tells us how he’s going to reduce taxes on everyone making less than $250,000.  It defies common sense.  At best he’s a liar and at worse, he’s a incompetent  moron.

At the rate of his trips to talk at town hall meetings, flying around fundraising, sending Air Force one out for publicity shots and scaring the living hell out of New Yorks residents, and overall bumbling, the tax coffers will be empty by the end of the year.  It’s pretty damn hard to share the wealth when it’s all been spent on BIG government.  I can’t wait to hear him address the poor and unprivileged when he says “I’d like to help you but I spent all of the government’s money on my entitlements, maybe next year we can help if I don’t take Michelle out again.”

Sure, all presidents do these things but most of them are smart and combine it with other trips so it’s not completely obvious.  Barry is the ONLY president to feel the taxpayers should pay for him to take his wife to New York so he can take her out to dinner and the theater.  Of course he paid for dinner and the theater but the greater cost was paid by taxpayers.  If Americans are having to be thrifty to weather tough times, Obama should do the same instead of partying like it’s 1969.  He could have arranged to fly to New York and meet with the governor then taken Michelle out so it appeared to be a legit trip.  Then again, there were other alternatives that could have been used.  He could have taken her out to dinner in Washington and taken in a theater there.  Obviously, the theater does exist there but not on the same level as New York.

If Bush had done something like this the liberals would be been out in droves crying foul.  However, it wasn’t Bush that abused taxpayers, it was their hero, their messiah, Obama.  I fully understand that while he is president, he still has to do things with Michelle to keep the marriage going and interesting.  However, the best way to do that is not by making taxpayers spend $25,000 so he can work on his marriage.  That was not fair to taxpayers.