The Obama administration is showing us he doesn’t respect laws nor will he ever.  To prove this he has recommended Tonia Sotomayor to the supreme court.  His strategy is simple, he wants to water down the interpretations of the law to make way for criminals like the black panthers that hung out in front of the voting station brandishing a nightstick, yelling racial things, and attempting to intimidate voters.

The Obama administration has dropped the charges against the black panthers saying that they can never carry a nightstick again.  Is this justice?  Hell these guys are already guilty as hell on voter intimidation yet the Obama administration declines to prosecute.  If you think about it, the black panthers supported Obama’s run to the white house.  So apparently, it’s ok to be a criminal as long as Obama benefited from your crime.  Of course Obama wants us to know he’s tough on crime, go figure!

This is bad policy from the start.  If a couple of freakin’ thugs can make Obama back down, just imagine how he’s going to respond to terrorists who want to kill US citizens.  It’s sort of the equivalent of using wet toilet paper to block traffic.  It does not make any sense.

Yeah yeah, so tell me exactly how Barry intends on keeping America safe again.  He can’t handle thugs so that doesn’t make me feel any safer.  If you boil everything down to the lowest possibe denominator, Muslim Exetremists are thugs too.  Nice try pukes, but fails the common sense test!