I think the Obama administration is a bunch of idiots when they say they want to release Chinese terrorists in the US.  Why should I take one of these scumbags into my community when it’s apparent that not many of these idiots want them in their districts either?  In fact nobody wants these clowns not even Russia, France, etc, the same idiots that criticize us for holding on to these idiots and not releasing them back to China.

It’s my belief that the absolutely right thing to do with these clowns is to give them back to their country.  I could care less what China does with them.  They shouldn’t have gone to a Afghanistan to train with the Taliban/Al Quaeda in the first place.  These people are China’s problem and I’m sure the Chinese will handle their own problems without any help from us.

People like Eric Holder don’t use traditional American terms like personal responsibility.  These idiots made a decision to go to Afghanistan and associate themselves with the Taliban/Al Quaeda.  They got caught and well they have to own up to what they did and accept responsibility for their criminal actions in front of their government.  It’s not my problem that China wants to put them in jail.  It’s their right to do so.  They knew what would happen if they were caught and they arrogantly made their decision.  That’s not the US’s responsibility to find a country to adapt these scumbags.  In fact, legally we should have to give them to China because they are Chinese citizens.

I’m sure some of our leftists friends out there will say but Lonnie the Chinese government may put them to death.  My answer is “and this is supposed to concern me how?”  Honestly, I could not make myself care any less than I already do about these guys.  I taught my kids personal responsibility and it’s obvious these guys don’t know what it means.