Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad pled not guilty to murder after admitting he shot the two Army recruiters in Little Rock.  This guy must have flunked the first grade because he’s extremely stupid.  He admitted to shooting them so how credible is his plea?  Not even Judge Sonia Sotomayor is going to be able to get his ass off scott free.  Also it didn’t help his plea that they found multiple weapons in his car when the arrested him hours after that incident took place.

Personally I think the death penalty should be imposed.  He’s obviously too stupid to live with society.  Other than that, I may be able to support 20 years minimum sentence, no parole,  and have his citizenship revoked after he’s released.  If Mooohamaed (Misspelled on purpose) wants to fight Jihad, I think we should send him somewhere he can like Pakistan.  Then offer a bounty on his head so not only would he serve time to pay for his crime but he’d eventually get the death penalty on a battlefield.  He doesn’t deserve constitutional protection nor does he deserve to live.  *Laughing* then the troop can call the bullet between his eyes the moneyshot.

I’m sure there are pro-abortion anti-death penalty types out there that would disagree with my assessment just based on their views that’s it’s ok to kill innocence but it’s not ok to kill hardened criminals that deserve it.

Oddly enough my 20 year sentence is based on law.  There is a 10 year minimum on violence towards government employees so that’s 10 years X 2.  The law also states no parole shall be given to these individuals.  I don’t think a judge will revoke his citizenship but I can dream can I?  Obviously, he doesn’t love the US so I think he should leave.  Not leave here and go to Canada or the UK but somewhere he can live under sheria law and get his rocks off.  Therefore, It would have to be a 3rd world muslim country.  Although I would think it would be fun to send him for a vacation at GITMO so he can have some fun in the sun and a little vacation waterboarding.  He’d be surrounded by his heros like Kalid Sheik Mohammad.