LMFAO, in a “I Know He Didn’t Say That” moment, Hugo Chavez went on national tv and declared that both him and Fidel Castro was right of Obama.  Honestly, I laughed but after I starting looking at it, it is actually pretty scary.  Here you have two of the most brutal dictators of all time saying that they are more to the right  of liberalism than our current President of the United States.

Obama’s latest comments in Egypt are scary to hear.  His words not mine “Any country that holds one country above everyone else is destined to fail.”  Now you have to know that everyone is the same under socialism.  No one country is held in higher esteem under socialism.  While this thought gives some of our liberals friends orgasms the rest of us get scared to death over the thought.

Anyhow, this was a snub to say that they are more to the right than Obama.  It’s also pretty scary to see that they are right in saying that.