Is anyone feeling stimulated by Obama’s Stimulus Bill?  I’m not and I don’t suppose anyone else is getting stimulated by the Stimulus bill.  I haven’t seen any new jobs open up nor have I seen any evidence that any jobs have been created or saved.

Obama went on national tv and claimed the stimulus bill has saved jobs and I’m sure the numbers he claims are as exaggerated as his figures on the unemployment rate three months ago.  It’s funny that all of his numbers have been greatly exaggerated and things he thought he could fix were underexaggerated.  Numbers like Unemployment rate were underexaggerated.

Mark my words, we’ll be no better off after 4 years of the bullshit.  In fact, we’ll be far worse off at the end of his term.  He’s using methods to stimulate the eonomy that are counter productive.  On one hand he’s trying to stimulate economic growth and on the other he’s threatning to tax us into oblivion.  I could have saved the voters the time because I heard his message loud and clear during the election.  He ultimately will have been proven a liar when he said that he’s not going to tax anyone who makes under $250,000.  That was a lie.  His administration is looking into the VAT tax, he wants to tax medical benefits, and he wants to tax us all with Cap and Trade schemes.

I can’t even name one accomplishment Obama has had during his first 100 days in office.  He’s not done anything successful yet.  He’s not upheld one political promise as of yet.  Instead of holding him accountable, the media gives him a free pass.  Some of the voters are starting to see through the bullshit and that my friend is where elections are lost.

News To Obama:  Eventually your “It’s George Bush’s Fault” mantra is going to wear thin soon because there will hit a point in time when you can no longer claim that.  That’s the point in time where most people will say you’ve bought the farm.  Every election speech you made you criticize George W. yet you’ve carried over most of his policies in the most dramatic flip flops ever.  You’d better switch your ass into high gear and start accomplishing something soon cause I’ll guarantee you that reelection is going to suck when the Republicans walk in and veto your second term.  People are going to notice your expensive dates to New York city, your absorvantant spending, expensive parties, and your lack of results and boot your ass out of the white house.  My advice is to can the damn apology tours and start working on achievements.  Stop bilking the taxpayers with expensive dates in New York and start fixing the economy so the rest of us can afford dates and vacation.

When I was in the military, I worked 12-15 hour days.  I’d expect the president of the United States/Commander-In-Chief to be putting in much longer hours than that.  You wanted the job and you got it.  Now act like your doing the job.  My philosophy is “Absolutely nothing is too good for government work!”