You won’t find this story on all of the government sponsored media pages that made a big deal of the ethics charges against Sarah Palin.  You won’t find that story on or PMSNBC.  They both rang in on the charges going into the investigation but I hear crickets chirping now that the smoke has cleared.  CBS also didn’t post anything about Palin being cleared of ethics charges.  ABC news has some class because they have mentioned it.  However, it wasn’t as prominently displayed on the opening page as the story about her being under investigation was.

Do you honestly still think the news media is giving you the news?  Honestly, I think these news outlets have their own agenda.  If it doesn’t fit their agenda then it isn’t given a prominent place on their website.  Hope and change fits on their websites and is prominently displayed even if it’s just propaganda and inflated estimates about how the economy is doing better because Team Obama is trying to buy our way out of the economic crisis even though history has proved this tactic does not work.

Note to media:  Keep it up.  You’ll be telling yourself how the economy is so much better when your standing in the unemployment line.  My prediction is that every news reporter that will be unemployed will be taking it all on the chin by the time this is over.  Obama lies to us every day and you took it all in hook, line, and sinker.  If it looks like bullshit, smells like bullshit, it has absolutely nothing to do with hope or change.  Most likely it is bullshit!

I’m sure the liberal spinmasters are hard at work trying to spin more charges against Sarah Palin but the last batch was their best shot, guess it ain’t good enough.  I read where one liberal said they didn’t care if she was cleared, she’s doing something illegal.  What in the hell do these people want?  They won the election and got their messiah elected.  Why all the hostility and anger over Sarah Palin?  If these people were as smart as they claim, they’d just move on now.  Own up to the fact they were reaching for anything and that they levied bullshit charges on her because that was the best they had.  They constantly lied about this poor woman and claimed that she wanted to ban books and there was a fake list of books circulating the internet all in the name that they were scared to death of her.  Some of which were dated after she’d left the Wasilla Mayor’s office.  These people are shameless when they should be ashamed for their behavior.

It’s my opinion that Sarah Palin is honest and the only points the liberals managed to make were gotcha moments.  Obama got a free pass on all of his gotcha moments including claiming there were 57 states and he did say “My muslim religion” in an interview when he claimed he was Christian.  Hell even Joe Biden, the bumbling idiot he is, had gotcha moments on his campaign but he also got a free pass on them.  When they didn’t have facts, they lied about her.  When they had facts they ignored them and pushed for the lies.  Lies like the baby was actually her daughter’s baby.  Yeah scary isn’t it?  These people who claim they are intelligent did some pretty unintelligent things in the name of partisanship during the last election.  They even pushed the black, Latino, and Asian votes for Obama in California w/o even thinking about the black and Latino philosophies when it comes to gay marriage.  They are still whining and crying over that reckless act.