I find liberal hypocracy so amazing when I find it that I have to just put out a blog on it.  It’s my way of putting a spotlight on it and show it for all to see.  The major differences between how Republicans see everyone and liberals see everyone are like light and day.  Liberals tend to group people by race/color while Republicans refer to them as individuals.  To Republicans, race isn’t a factor.  Liberals haven’t often referred to Republicans as racists.  If you want to see someone with a racist attitude, most liberals show their true colors when it comes to Israel.  Most liberals aren’t intelligent enough to know that what they are displaying is racism.

This is the VERY REASON, idiots like the Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s behaviour is overlooked.  If Wright was a Republican, your damn right the media would be out in droves to talk about what a racist he is.  This is why Iran always gets a free pass with these liberal idiots.

Let me say this clearly so none of the truly idiotic can misinterpret it.  It’s racism clear and simple.  I don’t give a rat’s ass who’s doing it, it’s racism.  Jeremiah Wright is a racist just as most liberals are racists when they go on their anti-Israel rants.  It’s sort of like the pot calling the kettle black.  There is no moral high ground when you start bashing races and that includes the Jews.