I think it’s funny how Obama picks and chooses his official statements.  He had an official statement upon the murder of the Dr. Tillman, the abortion doctor who was killed by a loon.  He had a official statement on the Holocaust museum shooting by Von Brunn.  He did not make an official statement about Private William Long?  I’ve said in the past that Obama does not have what it takes to be Commander-In-Chief and this proves it!

He can condemn the other 2 killers in a official statement but refuses to condemn Bledsoe’s (A jailhouse convert to Islam) actions.  One can make the case that he will not touch this because it involves a muslim. I can’t say if that’s the case but I’m just saying it could be.  Another case that could be argued is that Obama hates the military and has no problem with a islamic POS killing one of our soldiers.  In either case, I said this before you arrogant know it all’s voted him into office.  Guess that’s me = 1 You = 0.  His bias is so damn apparant, Helen Keller could have seen it coming yet all of you people that voted for Obama didn’t.

Also our spinless congress removed violence towards military personnel from the hate crimes bill.  It should have been considered for cases like this one because if he get’s a liberal idiot judge, he’ll be walking the streets in a few years again attempting to murder more GI’s.  Of course idiots have more rights than law abiding citizens when it comes to liberal judges.