I find this whole debacle unbelievable.  Barry actually thinks his speech in Cairo, Egypt had a profound impact on the Iranian election.  He actually believes that Ahmadinajad actually runs Iran.  Iranian elections don’t mean shit in the overall scheme of things.  Primarily, it’s not Ahmadinajad running the country, it’s the Mullahs over there.  Ahmadinajad is merely a puppet.  The mullahs pull the strings and Ahmadinajad dances.

Barry is extremely naive or extremely stupid when it comes to Iran.  This is apparant as Barry has said that Iran is entitled to use nuclear power.  Most logical people look at them as they have oil and are in no position to slow down pumping the shit out of their oil fields.  Why would they need nuclear power?  And why in the hell would they need to buy centrifuges on the black market to give them nuclear power?  Most countries go through the UN and get the centrifuges handed to them, no expense to them.

If Barry is such an intelligent person then why hasn’t he asked himself these questions already.  The Obama Nation, brain dead zombies that voted for him, gives him a pass and have no problem letting us know how intelligent he is.  I’m not seeing it but do continue on.  Just do me a favor, why don’t you and Obama get a hotel room and get it all out of your system.  I really hate seeing public displays of affection when it intails a slurping sound.