On Tuesday, I got an email at work talking about the numerous calls to Dyess Air Force Base’s animal control unit.  In all of the years I’ve worked at the base, I’ve never gotten such an email.  I can’t say enough about how important it is to be observant.

This morning I did my normal thing, I went and turned on the PC and got a drink to take my pills.  I finished off my drink and went to the kitchen for another.  I don’t have my lights on throughout the house.  I keep the kitchen light on and the light in the computer room.    The hallway is dark.  As I rounded the corner I was able to tell something was afoul.  I saw a black thing next to the vacuum cleaner cord, dart into the closet.

I called animal control and they sent someone out quick.  In 30 minutes after I called, the guy from animal control showed up and was walking out the door with a 6 inch bull snake recovered from my closet.  Bull snakes aren’t poisonous but they still bite.  LOL  I am thankful for the guys at animal control.  I’m honest in saying I’m not afraid of snakes outdoors if I have a pistol but I’m scared to death of them inside my house.  LOL.  Just due to the fact I can’t grab my pistol and shoot them without damaging my property!

Still my heart is pounding from seeing a snake inside my house.  Evidently, my wife opened the back door and our visitor helped himself inside the house last night.  Personally, I don’t care how much the city pays these guys they are worth every penny of it and more!  I live in West Texas and well we have plenty of snakes here.  These guys come over and capture any snake you tell them to which is a job I’m personally not willing to do.  I’m more than happy to shoot one outside.